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Sérgio Almeida
Biological Engineer

Technical Consultant

Born in Famalicão (Portugal) in 1980. He is graduated in Biological Engineering (University of Minho, 2003).

He worked for this institution as technical consultant and researcher from 2003 to 2005, collaborating in projects related to environmental sustainability and climate change.

After some activities as environmental consultant in a private company regarding to wastewater treatment plants, industrial units and environmental training, he is still working nowadays as Occupational Health and Safety Technician in some private companies.

He is Simbiente’s technical consultant since 2005, working in projects regarding to water management, waste management, strategic planning, environmental and sustainability reporting, environmental audits, strategic environmental assessment and greenhouse gases emission inventories. He also works in the same expertise fields in Simbiente Azores since 2009, assuming nowadays co-coordination responsibilities in some projects and Occupational Health and Safety issues within Simbiente companies.


Postal Address
Avepark - Parque de Ciência e Tecnologia
Edifício Spinpark
4805-017 Guimarães

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