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Innovation for value creation

In the last years, Simbiente has been focused in developing a portfolio of products and services that is intended to efficiently provide solutions to our customers and partners in the fields of environmental management and biogas production. Beside our existing portfolio, we are continuously investing in innovation and working towards the improvement of the existing products and services as well as in the development of new ones that fit in the new reality of our customers and partners.

Our products and services are distributed among our four areas of work:


Sérgio Costa

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Sustainability and Strategic Planning

Environmental and Energy Technologies

Ecosystems Management and Valorisation

Environmental Training and Communication


+ Strategic Environmental Assessment;
+ Environmental Audits and Impact Assessment;
+ Sustainability Reports;
+ Strategic and Operational Plans for water management, waste management and land planning
+ Innovating techniques/technologies for coastal and sediments management.

+ Monitoring and control system for biogas production systems.

+ Solutions for lagoon and river systems valorization;
+ Coastal and maritime ecosystems rehabilitation/recovery tools;
+ Market tools for natural resources.

+ Advanced training courses;
+ Environmental information and decision support systems;
+ Technical and scientific events organization.


Consultancy on:
+ Strategic planning;
+ Sea and costal management;
+ Climate change;
+ Policies, plans and programs evaluation;
+ Environmental risks (floods, droughts, aquifer vulnerabilities, erosion, pollution).

Consultancy on:
+ Biogas production performance;
+ Implementation/management of co-digestion regimes;
+ Wastewater treatment technologies;
+ Technological development, implementation and integration processes.

Consultancy on:
+ Ecosystem Services Assessment;
+ Natural engineering and aquatic ecosystems management;
+ Developing and applying hydrological and ecological studies and modeling tools.

Consultancy on
+ Knowledge achievement processes;
+ Corporate responsability;
+ Sustainable development and Agenda 21;
+ Strategic communication and public participation.

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