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Carla Melo
Lic. Biology. MSc.

Manager Simbiente Azores /Technical Consultant

Born in Horta (Azores, Portugal) in 1980. She is graduated in Biology (University of Azores, 2003), holds a Master of Science degree in Environment, Health and Safety (University of Azores, 2007), and she is Occupational Health and Safety Technician and Lead Auditor in Health and Safety (certified by the International Recognition of Certified Auditors - IRCA).

From 2006 to 2007 she was researcher from University of Azores, working in projects regarding to chemical and biological laboratory wastes management and environmental management systems. Simultaneously, she was technical consultant in a multinational private company, collaborating in projects regarding to environmental impact assessment and environmental diagnosis.

Currently, she still has some lecture activities in University of Azores.

She was Simbiente’s technical consultant from 2007 to 2009, working in projects regarding to waste and water management, environmental and sustainability reporting, strategic environmental assessment and climate change studies.

She founded Simbiente Azores in 2009, working as its Manager since then, besides her role as Project Manager in all companies of Simbiente group.


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