Simbiente - Environmental Engineering and Management

Our company
Simbiente - Environmental Engineering and Management, Ltd. is a technological company, focused on research, development, innovation and services related to environmental engineering and biotechnology areas. Resulting from activities of researchers from the Department of Biological Engineering, Simbiente was founded in 2004 as a spin-off company of University of Minho.

Simbiente Azores - Environmental Engineering and Management, Ltd. is another company of the Simbiente world, also focused on research, development, innovation and services related to environmental engineering and biotechnology areas. It was founded in 2009 as a specific and contextualized structure to develop these activities and concepts on the Autonomous Region of Azores.

Simbiente Chile - Environmental Engineering and Management, Ltd. started operations in July 2011, as a specific structure to adapt and develop the same activities and concepts on the Chilean context. This Southern outpost plays an important role as a hub between Chilean partners/customers and European ones.

Our vision
We contribute to build a society of knowledge and information, that uses innovation to provide solutions based on environmental management and technology systems to promote a truly sustainable and responsible consolidation of economic activities, well being of citizens together with its surrounding environment.

Our Mission
By means of hiring, developing and inspiring exceptional people into our team, we will develop and provide state-of-the art products, services and partnerships to our customers and partners for the improvement of their process performance and consolidation of their chain of value in a sustainable and responsible way, and by doing so being recognized as one of the most innovative and creative companies that delivers higher value for money to customers in the environmental management consulting business in Portugal.

Our values
As a value-driven organization, we understand our work and support our activities through strong values:

+ Commitment to our customer and partners and our environment;
+ Quality and excellence in what we do;
+ Confidentiality, ethics and integrity as standards;
+ Respect for the individuals and the community;
+ Interest and attention to the best and up-to-date management and innovation practices.

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+ Simbiente was founded as a spin-off company from University of Minho;
+ It started its activities in the Sustainability and Strategic Planning and the Environmental and Energy Technologies areas. Staff: 2 consultants.
+ It was accepted in the Business Innovation Centre of Minho.

+ Simbiente started the Environmental Training and Communication area.

+ Simbiente started the Ecosystems Management and Valorization area.
+ Member of the Portuguese Society of Environmental Simulation and Risk Assessment (SOPSAR).

+ Simbiente expanded its activities to the bioenergies expertise field.
+ It promoted its first technology transfer process, with the University of Minho

+ Simbiente moved to Avepark - Parque de Ciência e Tecnologia - Science and Technology Centre.
+ Started a research team funded by national program QREN.
+ Started its first European project with Danish and French partners in the field of new technology assessment for descentralized energy production.

+ Simbiente Azores was founded as a new company of the Simbiente group.

+ Simbiente Chile is established in Chile.
+ The process to get the spinoff label starts together with Catholic University of Valparaíso.



Sérgio Costa

Postal Address
Avepark - Parque de Ciência e Tecnologia
Edifício Spinpark
4805-017 Guimarães

+351 253 540 309

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